Friday, January 28, 2011


Over the past few days, I've been trying to figure out just what is most important to me. What is something I'd go crazy without?

I can go without my phone, without Facebook [or the internet, period], TV, etc.
But if I didn't have my relationship with the ones I'm closest to...or anyone, for that matter...I'm convinced I'd be nothing and I'd have nothing to live for.
It's hard to not just go off and list, My Bible, my friends, my family...because I realize that material things are nothing. People do...and it's not just PEOPLE people. But my relationship with them.

There are three different relationships that come to mind:

1. My relationship with my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ
2. My relationship with my Mom.
3. My relationship with my friends.

1. I can sit and say I need my Bible, I need my Church, etc. But what are they without my relationship with Jesus? Yes, I realize I need to read the Word and associate with other believers in His house, but I cherish my RELATIONSHIP with Jesus more than anything else. Because when all other relationships fail, He's still here.

2. I've never been a very family-oriented person, but over the last few months I've realized just how close and how much I need and live off the love and support from my mom. Not only did she give birth to me, but she's been with me every day since then. For 18+ years, she's been the one to lift me up and encourage me. When I've hit rock bottom several times and felt like nobody cared or everyone had left, she was still here, offering love and advice. She'll never know how grateful I am for her, but I am.

3. There is no reason for me to sit and name off which friend is the most important or least important. Because the fact of the matter is, all of my friends-whether acquaintances or best friends-and my relationship with them is both cherished and very important to me. Without any interaction with anyone, I wouldn't be where or who I am today. Whether it be someone telling me they are praying for me, or a friend lending a shoulder to cry on...or maybe someone saying a joke to keep my spirits up...even if/when someone says something negative or we get into an argument...

Everything happens for a reason.

And with that statement, there are no coincidences.

And for THAT reason, I believe I'd be nowhere without my friends, family and my Jesus.

And that, is a fact you can take to the BANK. ;]

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